Reconstruction of the GSM International Market

The GSM International Market which was formerly known as the Eleyele International Market has been given the authority by the legitimate authority to begin the demolishing of old existing structures in the market. One look at the market as of March 2021 will show the sorry state a so-called “international” market is.

Walbotech Limited,  which is the developer in charge of the reconstruction of the market will begin the reconstruction on the 31st of March, 2021 and the project is expected to take 12 months.

1 thought on “Reconstruction of the GSM International Market”

  1. This is a long awaited project in Oyo state. The project will add to the Environmental beautification of the state, Increase the IGR base of the LCDA. Also, it will curb incessant criminal activities in the area. Kudos to His Excellency, Gov Seyi Makinde for giving the Management of Oke’badan North LCDA the opportunity to reconstruct Eleyele International market and rename it GSM International market. Looking forward to a good quality and International standard project from the developer.

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